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Federal Environmental Review and Authorization Inventory

This inventory of Federal authorizations and environmental reviews has been created as part of an ongoing effort to improve timelines for permit decision-making and review and foster better outcomes for the environment and the affected communities. The inventory contains a comprehensive list of Federal licenses, permits, approvals, findings, determinations, or other administrative decisions issued by a Federal agency that should be considered for inclusion in the permitting timetable for a “covered project,” for the purposes of Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. Additional authorizations and reviews may be added in the future as they are identified.

For each authorization or review, the inventory includes a brief description, identifies the activities or circumstances that trigger the review, the sectors and project types to which it could be applicable, and the underlying statutes and/or regulations that provides more information.

View the Excel version of the Federal Environmental Review and Authorization Inventory