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FOIA Reading Room

Welcome to the Freedom of Information Reading Room for the Office of the Executive Director, Permitting Council. This webpage was created in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and Executive Order 13392, “Improving Agency Disclosure of Information,” which directs Federal agencies to ensure citizen-centered, results-oriented FOIA operations. This page provides basic instruction on obtaining information under FOIA and makes available documents on FAST-41 issues. To save time and money, please review the material available on this webpage before submitting a FOIA request.

How to Submit a FOIA Request

Please state clearly that the request is being made under FOIA. Be as specific as you can when identifying the information that you are seeking, and include your name, address, and contact information to enable us to contact you with any questions. Submit requests electronically to

Archived Guidance and Resources:

Data Management Guide (Superseded on July 1, 2022)

Annual FOIA Report

The FOIA requires each federal agency to submit an Annual Report to the Attorney General each year. These reports contain detailed statistics on the numbers of requests received and processed by each agency, the time taken to respond, and the outcome of each request, as well as many other vital statistics regarding the administration of the FOIA at federal departments and agencies.

FY22         XML        Data

FY23         XML        Data



To find information about FOIA requests that have already been processed by FPISC, you can review and/or download FPISC’s FOIA Logs. The FOIA Log includes the request subject, tracking number, and disposition details for requests processed each year since 2020. The log will also let you know whether records of interest to you have already been processed. Please note that first-party requests submitted by or on behalf of individuals asking for their own records are not included in the FOIA Log.


DOT is committed to ensuring that information is available in appropriate alternative formats to meet the requirements of persons who have a disability. If you require an alternative version of files provided on this page, please contact

Last updated: Monday, April 15, 2024