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FAST-41 Resources

-    FAST-41 Fact Sheet (Hoja Informativa de FAST-41 en español)
-    FAST-41 Implementation Guidance
-    FAST-41 Quick Guide for Practitioners
-    Agency Steering Council Member and CERPO
-    FAST-41 Data Management Guide (effective July 1, 2022)

Statutes & Policies

-    Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST-41)
-    Permitting Council Charter
-    Permitting Council Resolution No. R2017-0001 
-    SOP: Applying Discretionary Standard for FAST-41 Projects
-    SOP: Add a Sector
-    ED Memo: FAST-41 Limitations Period
-    ED Memo: ED Role and Responsibilities in FAST-41 Project Coverage Determinations
-    ED Memo: Permitting Timetable Management During Shutdown
-    ED Memo: Requesting Authorization to Modify Completion Dates

Executive Director Determinations of FAST-41 Coverage

-    ED Final Determination of Covered Project Status In re Atlantic Shores North
-    ED Determination of Covered Project Status In Re Virgo Solar and Solar 373 Projects
-    OED Final Determination of Covered Project Status In Re Battle Born Solar Project

Additional Dashboard Resources

-    Dashboard Glossary of Terms 
-    Effective Stakeholder Engagement
-    Environmental Review & Authorization Inventory
-    Rapid Toolkit
-    Broadband Inventory
-    Broadband Map    
-    NMFS Consultations for Offshore Wind

Announcements & Press Releases

-    Announcements and Press Releases

Last updated: Monday, April 29, 2024